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New in the Office: GROHE Water Systems

Water systems for office spaces

Where people are working productively and the gears are always turning, nothing is as important as ample water for employees. Ice cold or as a hot beverage – it's invigorating and provides a sense of well-being. But timely ordering, distribution and storage of water by the case requires complex coordination and logistics, especially in large companies.

The solution: GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red®. Intelligent drinking water systems in staff kitchens and on conference floors provide chilled water, still or carbonated, as well as boiling water for tea, coffee or broth. That saves time and costs, is sustainable and offers all users maximum convenience.

GROHE Blue® Chilled and Sparkling Starter kit
GROHE Blue® Water glasses
GROHE Blue® single-lever sink mixer with filter function

Fresh, cooled water for the whole team? Without costly logistics for crates of bottled water? And help save the environment?Here is an innovative, stunningly simple solution: GROHE Blue® turns ordinary tap water into pure refreshment from the office’s incoming water source. Water is cooled and emerges as still, lightly sparkling or sparkling – completely according to taste.

The innovative water system is fitted with a filter that is concealed under the sink and removes the heavy metals, limescale, suspended particles, chlorine and other impurities that can impair taste and odour.

Conventional tap water simply cannot compare with the fine taste of GROHE Blue®.

New study shows that the carbon footprint of GROHE Blue® is significantly smaller compared to bottled water.

ZZH_GUARANTEEY01_000_01 5 year guarantee garantie

You can always rely on the performance and quality of the innovative GROHE Blue® and GROHE Red® water systems. Which is why we provide a full 5 year guarantee – far in excess of the 2 year legal minimum.


GROHE Water Systems for your office.

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